Friday, 2 December 2011

Mailvu: Video emailing has never been easier.

What it is.
MailVU is a full featured video platform which enables businesses and individuals to record and distribute video content.

Who can use this tool?
All students and teachers at all levels.

How do you use this tool with students?
1) Ask the students to debate an issue. Teacher gives a motion, and students need to do the debate online. They have to use Mailvu to send their arguments against or for to the other students and teacher. Then, teacher reviews the debate and discusses in the next lesson.

2) Students can use Mailvu to talk about their most precious moment in their life and send the video emails to other students and teacher.

3)Teacher can give students feedback for what they have done e.g. assignment using this tool.

A simple guide to assist you.

This is the layout

The stop button will appear after you hitting the record button.
You are almost there..

1) Please make sure that your computer is connected to a web cam and a microphone.
2) Click on the record button to record your video.
3) Click on the stop button if you are happy with the recording.
4) Click on the play button if you want to review the video.
5) Click on the send button and fill in your and the receiver(s) details and messages.
6)Congratulations. You have successfully used Mailvu.

OMG..I do like it..
1) It is free although it has the paid version.
2) It provides up to 10 minutes recording time.
3) You do not have to type your email anymore.
4) The layout is simple and pretty straightforward.
5) The video message is only available for the sender and the receiver(s) viewing unless the sender makes the video available for public viewing. 
6) This tool hopefully can help to reduce students' affective filter when speaking.

Points to ponder.
1)The paid version has more advantages though the free version still offers a number of brilliant basic features, which can be used during and after the lesson in the classroom.

Link to the website:

You can learn more about Mailvu from this link.